In coordination with your operating departments and partners we set the goals of the development process and elaborate the matching test plan with regard to the specified timeframe, considering possible milestones like management approval drives or exhibition, presentation or press events.

In parallel the fixation and implementation of required support by internal and external development partners, choice of appropriate proving grounds or test tracks and the setup of a mechanics crew to accompany the car during the whole prototype phase will be planned.

The generated test plan will be updated and worked out in detail during the course of the development process so microplans for the separate events can be generated anytime.

Based on the scheduled testing demands and in co-operation with you, we will establish a spare parts package, usually comprised of wear-, development- and accident spare parts and transfer it to your purchasing department for ordering.

Administration, transport and inventory on a regular basis will also be offered. Stock will be refilled as required.

Another module to be provided is the professional transport of your prototypes to the test location – as a matter of course in a closed trailer and secured to external access at all times.
Travel planning and execution for the support crew is also part of the workscope.

Activities like travel planning, hotel reservation and accommodation for your employees or suppliers personnel can be offered on request. Focus lies on individual planning to include employees efficiently and flexible to avoid additional strain caused by excessive travel times.

Based on my 30 years of experience in motor racing and automotive testing I am able to see your project from a different point of view.

A symbiosis of the sometimes spontaneously generated and performance-driven solutions in racing and the approach in view of mass production and road use has often proved to be a catalyst to speed up the development process.

The provision of a professional mechanics team is another part of my portfolio.

It has been proven that, similar to the motorsport approach, the installation of  a permanent support team over the lifetime of a project is a superior solution to switching mechanics and engineers regularly.

Gathered knowledge can be applied in optimal fashion and tasks like lifing and mileage acquisition, maintenance and modifications but also the co-operation with the on-track developers, technical partners and development engineers will benefit.

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