Welcome to TSE Motorsport Service!

Deeply rooted in motorsport and grown up with the approach and methodology I would like to invite you to browse the following pages to discover my offer to support not only in your motorsport project but in vehicle development and testing for prototypes and mass production as well.

Based on my long-time and versatile experience in development projects I am able to support from the beginning of the design process until delivery to the customer and beyond in multiple ways.

Get yourself an idea clicking through the pages and I would be happy about a personal contact subsequently!

One of the things I learned in my professional career is, that the spoken word, directly exchanged, says way more about a person and his skills then excessive explanations on an internet page.

Have fun exploring and I´m looking forward to speaking to you in the near future!

Christian Bruhnke



  • Racecar Homologation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Vehicle Preparation and Operation
  • Series and Event Organisation
Automotive Testing

Automotive Testing

  • Planning & Preparation
  • Logistics & Spare Parts
  • Technical Support

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